Empowering individuals and families with ADHD, Learning Disabilities & Behavioral Challenges


My style of coaching meets clients where they are today as a starting point. I individualize my style to the severity of their condition, their age and other characteristics to put them at ease as we work toward a more powerful, balanced and fully expressed life. 




Support Groups For Adhd in Scottsdale

Allison Burns

My support groups are designed for parents and those with ADHD to encourage each other, give hope and establish a community of individuals who understand what each are going through. 


  • Associate Certified Coach, ICF
  • ADHD Coach and ADHD Parent Training Specialist, JST
  • Associate Coach, EDGE Foundation
  • Career and Life Planning Services Specialty Training
  • ​Tier I trained with Think:Kids, Collaborative Problem Solving


I became a coach because I have a teacher’s heart and I’m passionate about empowering those dealing with ADHD.

I use my training and experience to help my clients become more resilient, grow their sense of self and establish ways to succeed in life. I meet with adults and teens (or their parents who want to learn how to support their child) and largely focus on developing awareness and integrating new behaviors while easing their own stress and uncertainty at the same time. 

I use evidence-based techniques to give my clients the best opportunities to establish successful skills for themselves and their loved ones