I am transparent with my process so you feel comfortable when we begin working together.

  • We meet to identify needs, set goals and offer suggestions and guidance.
  • We establish structure, provide support and help you implement strategies to build skills.
  • I team up with other professionals (physicians, psychiatrists, counselors and teachers) to coordinate consistent support at home and school.
  • I teach and foster appropriate social skills, self-discipline, self-reliance and self-advocacy.
  • We schedule regular phone or email “check-ins” to monitor progress and goals.
  • You build self-esteem and confidence.

By bolstering core capabilities and building new strengths through practice, hard work and encouragement, you will become empowered and eventually be able to self-motivate.

“Start with wherever you are, with whatever you got."  John Rahn

My coaching process

Anyone can recognize a good coach; they are committed to helping others overcome obstacles so they can achieve their goals. Sports coaches help athletes get to championships and life coaches help their clients navigate the complexities of daily living. Top executives have coaches to provide an edge in their competitive environments.

As a coach, I assist clients to develop and integrate coping skills to help them overcome the challenges of living with ADHD. These skills help overcome a weakness in one or more of these executive functioning areas:

  • Impulsivity
  • Emotional self-regulation
  • Focus
  • Time management
  • Self-monitoring
  • Planning and organizing
  • Memory

Integrating skills that help you gain control and confidence