I offer options so you can choose the coaching format that works best for your child and/or you.

Individual Coaching

  • Parent(s) – Discover how to support and reinforce appropriate behaviors in your child. Consistent coaching helps build stronger bonds between you and your child because you’ll gain a greater understanding of ADHD and strategies for parenting and creating a calm home environment in our weekly 1-hour sessions.
  • Adult – We work together to find the best way to integrate focusing and follow-through skills.
  • Pre-teen and Teen – Your child and I will find fun ways to learn new coping skills.

Career and Life Planning Services Specialty Training

  • As a certified career coach, I use a systematic approach to career and education decision making.  This is a very exciting and and life changing process. Over a six week period, we build on personal strengths and interests. We take a variety of tests that look at personal traits and values and see how they match with different vocations and ADHD friendly career paths.  With students taking part in figuring it out, they will gain confidence and have a much clearer sense of what careers fit them and what occupations they should consider.  This knowledge and confidence guides the next decisions of college, training, internships, etc.

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Parent Workshop - Parenting Kids with ADHD, Learning Differences and Behavior Challenges

  • I hear a variety of negative adjectives from moms and dads describing their frustration level with parenting children with ADHD, learning differences and behavior challenges.  It’s a difficult job and that’s why parents need education, a support system and coping mechanisms.  We’ve got to reduce our own stress levels before we can help our struggling kids. I understand!  I am a parent raising kids with attention and learning needs and I’m a professional in the field of ADHD, LD and behavior challenges.  The good news is I can give you hope.  I’m conducting a six week workshop to train you to identify and react differently to stressors and gain new skills and tools so you can turn those negative parenting adjectives into positive ones.

    Children, teens and young adults with a diagnosis need guidance and understanding from their parents and teachers in order to reach their full potential. We teach an evidence based approach called Collaborative Problem Solving which helps parents understand that kids lack the skill, not the will. All kids want to do well, so it is our job to find out what is getting in their way. This approach avoids the use of power, control and motivational procedures and instead focuses on building helping relationships and teaching the skills the kids need to succeed in life.     

    1: Executive Functioning
    2: Identify Lagging Skills
    3: Collaborative Problem Solving
    4: Growth Mindset
    5: School Support
    6: Learning & Relationship Strategies

    This will be an interactive time so you will learn from each other as well.  We’ll dive into how the brain works and what can be done to create new thoughts and actions. It’s also about practicality so we’ll look at 504’s and IEP’s, tutoring and coaching.  We want you to be equipped on a daily basis because there are things you can do and say that will make a positive difference as a parent.

Small Support Groups

  • I lead 6 – 8 adults in groups to share techniques to cope with ADHD and develop skills and success strategies.
  • I empower 4 – 6 middle-school and high school students discover how to manage their condition. Plus, knowing peers who have similar challenges can help boost self-esteem.Type your paragraph here.

Whether you’re struggling with ADHD or supporting someone who is, you know the aggravation of wanting to focus attention that can’t be focused. As frustration mounts, it can spiral into feelings of self-doubt and anger, which can create larger life issues.

Happily, ADHD coaching has helped children, teens and adults improve their lives. When I partner with my clients in a coaching relationship, it is my job to help them examine their own lives and choices. This helps them identify obstacles, set goals, discuss tough issues and explore how they would like their lives to be different. 

 “When you make a choice, you change the future."  Deepak Chopra

choose what works for you